Aligning Your Work With PubMed Central Library Standards

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PubMed Conversion Services

Getting your medical journals and articles accepted and approved by the PubMed Central Library requires expertise along with an eye for detail. Our PubMed conversion services promises the best of both. The PubMed conversion team at Allied Infoline has vast experience in converting medical journals, articles, manuscripts, etc., into PubMed for enhanced storage and distribution.

Our PubMed conversion services are aimed at supporting publishers and institutional repositories in submitting their work to PubMed Central Library – a digital depository of biomedical and life sciences journal literature – in XML or SGML format, using various article DTDs.

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The Allied Infoline Edge

Allied Infoline is not just another PubMed conversion services provider. Placed among the most trusted names in business, we have worked with a wide spectrum of global clients, converting journals and articles on a variety of subjects. Here are some of the attributes that separate us from run-of-the-mill PubMed conversion companies:

  • Choice of various formats such as Word, Text, PDF, SGML, ePub, etc.
  • Expertise in creating scientific charts and formulae
  • Rich graphics consistent with the PubMed Central Library standards
  • Full compliance with JATS ( Journal Article Tag Suite) specifications
  • Leading-edge conversion tools
  • Content is tagged in tune with PubMed DTD/Schema
  • Full compliance with NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) standards
  • Convert in Bookshelf XML (for Books), and NLM XMS (for Manuscripts and Journals)
  • A dedicated QA team to carry out to ensure error-free outcome

Let’s Talk PubMed Conversion

Whether you are a publisher or an author; if you are looking for an outsourcing services partner with proven expertise in PubMed conversion, look no further than Allied Infoline. To learn more about our PubMed conversion services, write to us at or fill out our contact form and we will take it from there.

Tell us your Requirements & Speak to our Experts