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S1000D Conversion Services

Upgrading to an S1000D environment can be turning point for the success of your business, but it gives birth the need to convert legacy data from the past. That is when you need an S1000D conversion specialist such as Allied Infoline. Equipped with comprehensive capabilities to maintain strict compliance with S1000D standard, our team of S1000D conversion experts is ideally positioned to help you produce, manage and maintain your technical data.

By converting MS Word files into S1000D XML files, we help you manage your content in Common Source Database (CSDB), thereby facilitating seamless interchange of data between different parties such as manufacturers, civil and military organizations, suppliers and operators, and defence bodies, and publish it as Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP).

Why S1000D?

Developed by the Aerospace and Defence Industry, S1000D is an international SGML/XML standard used to create, manage and maintain technical documentation. Here are some of the key reasons to switch to an S1000D environment:

  • Data modules created and stored in a Common Source Data Base
  • Data managed by the Technical Publications Specification Maintenance Group
  • Freedom to reuse data thereby reducing the maintenance costs of tech publications
  • Facilitate the exchange of data and electronic output between different systems

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Our S1000D Conversion Process

One of the key factors that separate us from run-of-the-mill outsourcing companies offering S1000D conversion services is our refined conversion process. Here is a quick snapshot:

Step 1: Create conversion script to take data from the original format to XML files.

Step 2: Use the conversion script to convert the data into XML.

Step 3: Split the files having similar section levels as the source document.

Step 4: Review the documents to ensure that they are error-free and 100 percent accurate.

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If you are looking for a trusted S1000D conversion expert with proven competence, look no further than Allied Infoline. Deploy a team of seasoned S1000D conversion experts to get the best in terms of quality and value. To discuss your requirement or learn more about our S1000D conversion services, fill out our contact form or reach us at

Tell us your Requirements & Speak to our Experts