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Fixed Layout eBook Services

Allied Infoline is your one-stop shop for all fixed layout eBook design and conversion needs. We work with authors, publishers, archives, libraries, academic institutions, corporations, and eBook retailers to deliver the best graphics-rich eBook conversion services. Fixed Layout eBook Format is the standard for heavily-illustrated eBooks such as travel guides, cookbooks, textbooks, children’s books, and academic publications. Unlike ePub format which is a standard for most applications, fixed layout introduces pixel-specific page sizes for precise placements of text, images, and other elements.

Why Choose Us?

Allied Infoline is ideally positioned to deliver unmatched value as your outsourcing partner for all your layout conversion requirements, including fixed layout eBooks. We boast the relevant technologies and infrastructure, expertise, and experience delivering to unique requirements.
We also extend the benefit of savings while delivering unmatched results in set timelines. Our team of experts is always standing ready to walk with you through your requirement and give you an insight into the value that we bring to the table.

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Fixed Layout eBook Conversion Services

The team of experts at Allied Infoline can transform your fixed layout eBook by taking advantage of technologies such as HTML5, CSS5 to give you a design and layout that mirrors the source file. Some of the elements that come together in our approach include embedding fonts, wrapping text around images, superimposing text over images, creating multi-column text pages, and picking a suitable text size, background color, as well as position for all graphics.

We are at home with:

  • PagePerfect PDF for Barnes & Noble
  • Animations and interactivity
  • Annotations, cross-references, and footnotes
  • Full page zoom
  • Embedded media
  • Narration overlays
  • Fixed-layout KF8 for Amazon Kindle
  • Fixed-layout ePUB3 for Apple, Google, Android & Kobo

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When you choose Allied Infoline to outsource your Fixed Layout eBook design and conversion needs, be rest assured that you put your trust in the best in business. To discuss your requirement and learn more about our services, write to us at or fill out our contact form and we will take it from there.

Tell us your Requirements & Speak to our Experts