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Audio Transcription Services

An increasing number of organizations are turning to audio transcription to achieve a variety of objectives ranging from enhancing search engine rankings to fulfilling legal requirements. Whether you need audio transcription services to share promotional audio content with clients or create printed material to provide alternative formats for hearing impaired, Allied Infoline can provide a text version of your audio files in all popular formats.

We help you save both money and time by stepping away from automated transcription and deploying a team of professional with proven expertise in transcribing an array of content such as interviews, manuscripts, reports, meeting, forums, articles, speeches, teleconferences, dictations, script telephone conversations, and more. All of our transcriptionists are well-versed in grammar and punctuation, which clearly reflects in the quality of our services.

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Our Audio Transcription Process

1. Files Division

Your audio files are divided into different sections to be transcribed by our team of professional transcriptionists.

2. Draft Review

All selected sections are edited by our team, after which we add the required timestamps and speaker tracking.

3. Proofreading

The drafted sections are then merged and proofread to ensure textual consistency and other client parameters.

4. Quality Assessment

We travel the extra mile by proofreading the transcripts for a second time to ensure at least 99% accuracy.

Why Choose Us?

  • 100% Human-Driven: Unlike small transcription companies that rely heavily on automated speech recognition tools, we ensure every word of your transcription is typed by a vetted professional.
  • Guaranteed Data Security: When you choose Allied Infoline, you not only partner with an audio transcription specialist, but can also rest assured your data is protected with 2048-bit SSL encryption.
  • Superlative Quality: A key differentiator that separates us from the clutter is our undivided focus on quality entailing a rigorous system of quality checks for each project, no matter the scale.

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Get the most out of your audio content with high quality transcription services for virtually every conceivable application. To discuss your requirement or learn more about how we can help, fill out our contact form. You can also write to us at

Tell us your Requirements & Speak to our Experts