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TEI XML Conversion Services

Text Encoding Initiative (TEI), a preferred consortium to prepare, publish and preserve content for an array of research purposes, also has a set of XSL stylesheets that facilitate the conversion of DOCX to TEI XML and from TEI XML to other formats such as HTML5, ePub3, HTML and ePub. Allied Infoline offers an array of TEI XML conversion services to convert academic and research content into TEI XML format to other formats, as per the client’s requirements. Trusted by publishers, scholars, libraries, museums, and various other bodies from around the world, our TEI XML creation and conversion professionals have extensive experience in supporting the creation of digital academic publishing content, such as journals, manuscripts, monographs, etc., to be used for research, teaching, and preservation purposes.

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Driven by a team of seasoned TEI XML conversion specialists, Allied Infoline is ideally equipped to help ensure seamless exchange of academic and research content. Our team has extensive experience in processing complex images and scientific formulae in strict compliance with the content submission guidelines prescribed by the PubMed Central Library. With an aim to ensure superlative service quality, our dedicated Quality Assurance team carries out intensive quality checks and also ensure the content is tagged as per the PubMed DTD/Schema. In short, when you choose Allied Infoline, you can rest assured that you have chosen one of the best in business.

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When it comes to TEI XML conversion, Allied Infoline is a name to reckon with, and our growing list of clients is a testament of that. To discuss your requirement or learn more about our TEI XML conversion services, write to us at or fill out our contact form and we will take it from there.

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