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Transcription Services

Interpreting complex messages and terminology used in audio and video files requires professional expertise and an eye for detail. That is precisely what you can expect by choosing one of the most trusted names in the sphere of professional transcription services – Allied Infoline. Our team of seasoned transcriptionists, with over a decade of experience, helps you drive maximum value from your recorded text, audio and video files. With comprehensive capability to transcribe all sorts of text, audio and video files from clinical examination, interviews, seminars, meetings, and other similar settings, our transcription outsourcing services help you gain an insight into your content and get it tailored for an array of applications. Trusted by a diverse clientele ranging from doctors, journalists, lawyers to market research organizations, Allied Infoline is ideally positioned to deliver on a range of transcription needs.

Our Capabilities

Audio Transcription Services

Save both money and time by availing the best audio transcription services delivered by a team of experienced professionals with proven expertise in transcribing an array of content. An increasing number of organizations are turning to audio transcription to achieve a variety of objectives ranging from enhancing search engine rankings to fulfilling legal requirements.

Audio Transcription Services with Allied Infoline
Video Transcription Services with Allied Infoline

Video Transcription Services

Improve the impact of your video content with a full spectrum of professional video transcription services, tailored and delivered by a team of seasoned video transcriptionists. When a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much you can communicate with visually engaging videos! It is, however, statistically proven that people like to read what they see or hear especially when the objective is learning.

Medical Transcription Services

Get your dictation recordings transcribed into clear text, tailored for purposes such as research, medical reports, discharge documents, autopsy reports, medical review, and surgery notes. Medical transcription is a sensitive need that commands the utmost care and expertise. In today’s technology-driven world, healthcare facilities and practitioners rely heavily on digital aids ranging from handheld dictation recorders to electronic health record systems, as generating comprehensive medical reports is mandatory in various countries such as the US and Canada.

Medical Transcription Services with Allied Infoline
Medicolegal Transcription Services with Allied Infoline

Medicolegal Transcription Services

Leverage the perfect blend of human intellect and technology to get medical and voice reports dictated by doctors, healthcare professionals, and attorneys, transcribed for legal proceedings. The need for medico legal document transcription is growing by the day ever since insurance companies made typed notes mandatory in medicolegal cases.

Conference Call Transcription Services

Get world-class transcription services for an array of dynamics such as team meetings, training sessions, sales presentations, customer-client discussions and many other applications. With globalization becoming a norm in the business world, the need to defy borders and distances has become paramount.

Conference Call Transcription Services with Allied Infoline
Financial Transcription Services with Allied Infoline

Financial Transcription Services

Deploy a team of experienced financial transcriptionists with in-depth knowledge of the vast universe of finance and an eye for detail to eliminate the possibility of errors. Financial transcription requires attentive listening to recordings with a sound understanding of financial concepts and converting the information into text.

Closed Captioning Services

Enhance the viewing experience of your videos with highly accurate closed captions produced by a team of widely experienced transcriptionists and quality assurance professionals. Videos are enabling businesses the world over to deliver engaging and meaningful messages to their audiences.

Closed Captioning Services with Allied Infoline

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Allied Infoline, with a full spectrum of transcription services, is ideally positioned to cater to all sorts of specialized transcription needs. If you are looking for the best transcription services, the search ends here. To discuss your requirement, write to us at or fill out our contact form and we will take it from there.

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