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CRM Administration & Configuration Service

Far from simply being a system, CRM is also a strategy employed by business organizations to manage interactions with customers and potential customers. Allied Infoline understands the importance of a well-oiled CRM in driving marketing, sales & customer service.  We leverage our extensive experience across multiple CRM platforms to provide the best CRM administration services tailored to your needs. Whether you require full time CRM data administrators or require seasonal CRM administration support, we have got you covered.

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The importance of getting access to an expert CRM data administrator can never be overemphasized. Allied Infoline has a team of seasoned CRM administrators who are constantly updating their skill sets to provide superior services to all our clients. We appreciate that each requirement is unique, and as such, demands a tailored solution to attain the desired objectives.

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While huge business organizations may require in-house CRM administrators, the same cannot be said for every entity. This, coupled with the fact that very few appreciate the full extent of system administration resources that they need to drive their CRM solutions, makes CRM administration support a necessary cog in your drive to optimize your efforts and boost sales and customer interaction. Allied Infoline CRM system administration services include:

  • Training of new employees
  • Group & One-on-one Training
  • Maintenance
  • Online Documentation and Updates
  • CRM Configuration
  • User Management and Role Definitions
  • Importing New Lists
  • Database Quality Projects
  • Generation of Business Intelligence – Standard & Custom Reports
  • CRM User Help Desk- (phone, mail & Onsite Support)

Roping-in Allied Infoline as your CRM data administrator positions you to enjoy a range of huge benefits. These include but are not restricted to:

  • Freeing you inhouse team to focus on customer management
  • Better Sales Productivity
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Accurate and Timely Reports from Sales Managers to Management
  • Improved Overall Company Focus
  • Less Time Entering Data
  • Improved CRM Adoption and Usage

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Talk to Allied Infoline, a leading provider of CRM system administration services, to discuss your requirement or get answers to all your questions. Simply dial +1 7372129171 or fill out our contact form and we will take it from there. You can also write to us at sales@alliedinfoline.com.

Tell us your Requirements & Speak to our Experts