5 Medical Transcription Mistakes to Avoid

5 Medical Transcription Mistakes to Avoid

Data accuracy is essential for every business, and when it comes to the healthcare field, it becomes a hundred times more critical as it impacts patient care. Medical transcription accuracy should be a priority and mistakes need to be avoided at all costs. Mistakes made during the transcription process can cost medical practices and patients in terms of wasted time and money. It is also considered as a missed opportunity to provide outstanding medical care. There are certain mistakes that need to be avoided at any cost. In this blog post, we present five such mistakes. Have a look.

1. Similar Sounding Words

Medical terminology is difficult to understand. Some words may sound similar but have extremely different meanings, such as claustrum or colostrum. At the time of medical transcription, it is vital that the words are correctly spelled. If a wrong word is recorded, it can cause a lot of problems, both for patient and doctor, resulting in failed or delayed medical diagnosis.

2. Numerical Errors

Numbers are critically important in the medical field as they signify the value assigned to the function of cells, glands, hormones or organs in the body. They can go up to one-hundredth of an integer, so it is crucial to spell out the numeric value with precision, accuracy, and clarity. The wrong value can have a significant impact on patient care.

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3. Dosage Errors

Transcription of the right dosage is crucial as it can make or break patient care. Incorrect numeric values at the time of transcribing can lead to wrong treatment. It is recommended to repeat or spell out dosages precisely to ensure patients get the correct treatment.

4. Homophones

Words that sound the same, such as ‘an’ or ‘and’ can be spelled incorrectly. Several such mistakes make a report inaccurate, useless, and wrong. Try to avoid this kind of error by spelling out words correctly and with precision. Review a list of commonly misspelled homophones and give special attention to them or engage in a practice of clarifying such words during transcription.

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5. Lab Errors

Due to the complicated nature of laboratory language, the dictation during medical transcriptions must be precise and slow, allowing space and time for clarification, a reiteration of intended words and repeated numeric values.

Wrap Up

Avoid the above-mentioned mistakes for accurate medical transcriptions that lead to outstanding medical care that is free from any errors. When looking for a medical transcription services provider, choose the one that gives you accurate, timely reports, that are easily accessible in the future. Allied Infoline recognizes the fact that every business has unique needs when it comes to sales data. With our medical transcription services, the data collated is presented in transcribed format according to a client’s requirements. If you need to know more about our medical transcription services, fill our contact form or write to us at sales@alliedinfoline.com.