A Beginner’s Guide to Email Appending Services

A Beginner’s Guide to Email Appending Services

Despite the emergence of various new channels of communication, emails continue to be one of the most exercised avenues. When used correctly, emails can help drive sales, generate leads, and boost customer retention. Businesses, however, often face certain challenges such as piling up of obsolete data and disorganized databases. That is the reason why it is essential to have an email appending services partner specialized in data appending. Having said that, you must know about data appending services before hiring a provider, which is why we have put together this beginner’s guide to email appending services. Read on.

Data Profiling

Data and quality data can make all the difference when it comes to making a marketing campaign successful. Quality data essentially has detailed profiling. Detailed data profiling ensures that businesses have extensive insight into their potential clients, existing clients, future collaborators, and B2B vendors, etc. Certain companies limit data profiling to just the name, phone numbers, address, and emails of their clients. Smart companies consider a few other important factors such as financial data, social media profiles, executive bios,  markets served, and SWOT analysis, etc.

Removing Obsolete and Duplicate Data

It is important to understand that email databases have a short shelf life. It is estimated that over 22% of email lists tend to become obsolete over a while as people tend to change their email addresses. A report from Dun and Bradstreet has also stated that over 500,000 businesses tend to change locations annually. All of these things mean one thing – bad entries/obsolete data. Having bad or obsolete entries and duplicate entries can impact your productivity, consume time when tracing trends and analytics from the database. This is why it is essential to remove bad/obsolete or duplicate entries to keep the database functioning in prime condition.

Maximizing Insight

A large number of organizations these days leverage email appending services for better forecasting and understanding of trends. That is because email appending enables organizations to refine their database and gain a deeper insight into their customer and prospect data. By looking into details such as marital status, monthly spend, household income, and other similar parameters, marketing teams are able to come up with campaign strategies that resonate with the needs and wants of the target groups.

Wrap Up

Having an accurate database is essential for the success of email marketing, which explains the ever-increasing number of organizations leveraging the expertise of an email appending services provider. Your email appending services partner will verify the records and remove inaccurate entries, helping you get optimal returns from your investment. If you are looking for email appending services, look no further than Allied Infoline, a trusted name in the world of B2B data research and business outsourcing services. To learn more about our email appending services, fill out our contact form or write to us at sales@alliedinfoline.com.