Why Video Captioning is a Great Marketing Tool

Why Video Captioning is a Great Marketing Tool

Traditional methods of marketing are being rivaled with technological advancements, as businesses are seeking new and less-beaten trails for reaching their audiences to grow their business globally. People all over the world are connected to the internet and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. World Stream reports that 45% of people who use social media spend more than an hour in a week watching videos. Videos are the best way to market your business, as they sum up the bulk of text one has to read through to get the message. We can work on your existing promotional videos to introduce closed captioning. Allied Infoline provides the best transcription services, allowing you to use the same video with different captioning languages to reach your target audience. In this post, we share why video captioning is a great marketing tool.

1. Viewers can play videos in silence

Social media and other video streaming platforms automatically play videos when one is scrolling through the feed. The majority of viewers use their phones to watch videos on silent, especially when they are in public and busy places like; commuting by bus or train. Closed captioning allows viewers to consume video content even in the absence of audio.

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2. Video SEO boosts traffic

Some businesses worry that video captioning services will not deliver tangible results as afforded by other mediums in driving traffic to your business. Nothing could be farther from reality as leading domains such as Google and YouTube read closed captioning. Allied Infoline can help you add video transcripts that enhance accuracy when it comes to indexing your videos. This results in a higher ranking on search engine results pages.

3. Creates better engagement

When creating video content, you must have all your audience in mind including the physically challenged and those who are not great visual learners. Video captioning is a great tool that can also be incorporated for online education and training. Viewers are more engaged with the content, helping them better grasp the information being conveyed. The combination of audio and words allows viewers to draw a lot of information from the video.

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4. Video content can be created in many languages

The main problem businesses face when operating outside their native territories is the language barrier. Your video content must be able to reach all the desired parts of the world. Only about 40% of YouTube users can speak and read English as more than 60% of users come from non-English speaking countries. Allied Infoline offers closed captioning with the best translation services to help you reach the desired client demographic.

Summing up

If you are looking to drive more traffic through your video content, consider using closed caption services. Closed captions are a great marketing tool that helps you easily and effectively impart your message to viewers. Allied Infoline offers the premium closed video captioning and transcription services to make your current and future content target all the relevant languages. For more information on our video captioning services, call us at +1 7372 129171 or send an email to sales@alliedinfoline.com.