6 Undeniable Reasons to Clean Your Email Lists

Email List So Important For Your Business

Despite increasingly tighter norms, email marketing continues to be one of the top preferred marketing channels for CKO’s and business owners to generate leads and communicate with decision-makers across the B2B and B2C space. However, as delivery norms and domain reputations have become more stringent, one key area where marketers need to build strategy and invest is building and cleaning their lists regularly. Below mentioned are six key reasons to clean your lists and keep them updated.

1. Improve Delivery

The most important success metric of any email campaign is its delivery rate. A high delivery rate ensure you have met the first criteria of a successful campaign i.e. to reach the inbox of your prospect/customer. As your delivery rates lowers, your reputation gets Impacted with ISP’s which then further reduces the delivery rate. Also, as marketing automation platforms take centerstage. (Mailchimp, Zoho, Benchmark) These platforms will block/ stop/blacklist you if the email delivery rate falls below the designated percentage.

2. Improve Inbox Placement

As per Return Path 2018 Deliverability Benchmark- Mailbox provider’s filtering algorithms are constantly improving, in order to ensure that their users are receiving the best experience. Mailbox providers are increasingly considering subscriber behavior in their placement decisions. If your mail goes into spam or is marked as spam you can be rest assured that you will not be able to connect with the user again. Although email design and content play a crucial role in inbox placement including the subject line, if you keep sending mails to closed/inactive mailboxes your mails will still land in the junk folder, even where there were valid email IDs.

3. ‘Opt-In Emails are the Best’ is a Myth

So, you have built your email lists through contact forms, Facebook Lead Ads and white-paper downloads – and expect them to be 100% clean. Well, not necessarily. We have seen users filling up fake ids to download/view content. So, what to do next. It is a good strategy to use reputed “Email Validation Services” to verify the ids to remove invalid id’s and improve delivery rate.

4. Maintain Your Reputation

Undelivered emails damage your reputation and once you earn a bad reputation and it spreads, your inbox delivery rates will get worse. When we talk about reputation it includes your IP and domain reputation. As your domain gets impacted it negatively impacts your brand reputation as well.A bad domain will not only impact your marketing efforts but will impact all the other departments. Imagine your regular one to one business emails landing in spam or mail from your customer service and transactional notifications landing in the spam folder of your customers

5. Make the Most of Your Email Technology Investments

As per Hubspot, one of the most reputed inbound marketing technology companies, email marketing databases degrade by 22.5% every year. As people move locations, change jobs or change their mailbox service providers email databases lose steam. This means you pay your email service provider dollars for not reaching inboxes. Also, email marketing tools charge you for number of emails sent or contacts depending upon your purchase plan. This means you might pay them for contacts who are not even receiving your mails thus wasting those precious marketing dollars.

6. Generate Quality Leads

As the marketing leader or the business owner, the centerpiece of any marketing activity is to build brand and generate quality leads. Marketers often make mistake of reporting growth in their marketing databases and expect leads to grow in similar proportion and often are left disappointed. As a marketing leader focus on quality than quantity and build a database that will perform and meet your marketing objectives.


Cleaning email lists can have a huge impact on your marketing ROI by saving considerable time, energy, money and creativity on your marketing campaigns, business communication and brand reputation. Having uncleaned email lists is like slow poison whose impact is not felt immediately but leads to slow death, and of course, you wouldn’t want any part of it. If you think it is time to clean up your email lists, leave the job to the experts at Allied Infoline.

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