6 Undeniable Reasons to Clean Your Email Lists

Despite increasingly tighter norms, email marketing continues to be one of the top preferred marketing channels for CKO’s and business owners to generate leads and communicate with decision-makers across the B2B and B2C space. However, as delivery norms and domain reputations have become more stringent, one key area where marketers need to build strategy and invest is building and cleaning their lists regularly. Below mentioned are six key reasons to clean your lists and keep them updated.

1. Improve Delivery

The most important success metric of any email campaign is its delivery rate. A high delivery rate ensure you have met the first criteria of a successful campaign i.e. to reach the inbox of your prospect/customer. As your delivery rates lowers, your reputation gets Impacted with ISP’s which then further reduces the delivery rate.Also, as marketing automation platforms take centerstage. (Mailchimp, Zoho, Benchmark) These platforms will block/ stop/blacklist you if the email delivery rate falls below the designated percentage.

2. Improve Inbox Placement

As per Return Path 2018 Deliverability Benchmark- Mailbox provider’s filtering algorithms are constantly improving, in order to ensure that their use